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I’ve been doing some thinking lately about this whole International Women’s Day. It’s great—don’t get me wrong—and a wonderful way to celebrate the fairer sex, the crowning achievement of God’s creation. But I do wonder if we haven’t been rather rough on the fellas. I’ve grown weary of all the male bashing that’s been happening as of late. I mean, there are two species of sex—at least according to scripture, which I happen to stand in utter agreement with—and without one the other would not exist. Right? Even though historically men have held the titles of kings, dictators, tyrants, lords, and landowners, I feel as though the current culture would have us relegate them to the basements of commerce and industry and have them expelled to societal dungeons for the rest of their miserable lives. It would seem as though every woman who’s ever been wronged by a man now has a megaphone and a bully pulpit on which to call the scoundrels out for a public flogging.

I will not do this. I will not jump on this bandwagon. I do not believe that we will ever achieve the level of respect and acclaim we so desperately feel we deserve by crushing the male gender beneath our feet. Yes, there are monsters out there, Yes, there are horrible men who use and abuse women (and other men). Yes, we have a moral dilemma, people. But men are not the sole problem.

Sin is the problem. And pride. And avarice. And unforgiveness. To be honest, hearing these screeching banshees screaming abhorrent slogans at the sky and waving their signs declaring war on men has me hanging on to my commitment to stay out of all conversations politically-driven by the skin of my teeth.

Men are every bit the creations of a perfect God. No, they are not perfect—even the best of the lot, but then, take a look in the mirror and we’ll find our own imperfections glaring back at us through our lipstick and flat-ironed hair. For every disgusting pig of a man out there, stepping on the necks of women to get to the top of the corporate ladder or just to satisfy their own need to conquer someone, there are, by far, many more beautiful human beings of the male persuasion, working hard to provide for their families, living Godly lives, and treating their wives with tenderness and kindness, loving them “as Christ loved the Church.”

When I hear women crying out for a man’s head on a platter for some alleged act of injustice toward a woman, followed by an blanketed all-out declaration of war on all men, I cannot help but take exception on behalf of my amazing father (who is now with the Lord), my wonderful husband, and my sons. When will we ever be able to celebrate men again?

Equality seems to be history now, since women are currently so often held to a ridiculous double standard of behavior. Basically, we can threaten to castrate or even kill a man without specific provocation and it's, hey--time to rally the angry mob and hold a candlelight vigil for all the victims of every man's scorn and abuse.

And by the way, whatever happened to due process? These days a man is tried, convicted, and hanged before he's even been prosecuted for his crimes. Yes, many times the evidence is overwhelming and it looks like an open and shut case, but even the guilty deserve a fair trial in America, at least that’s the way it was before the angry horde broke loose.

I refuse to be a part of that thorny throng. I am going to choose to honor the men in my life, including those God has allowed to be in authority over my city, state and country, whether I voted for them or not. I will continue to stand in the gap for my sons, my husband, my brothers in Christ and my enemies. Hey, we all need Jesus. Lisa most of all.

Peace y’all,


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