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Everything Changes


a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

I began writing when I was a young girl growing up in Groves, Texas in the early 70's; mostly about what I dreamed my life would look like as an adult. Then I became one and decided that wasn't what it was cracked up to be. Who hasn't hoped for things outside of the realm of the possible as a child, only to discover that being a grownup meant basically driving a stake into the heart of those very dreams and settling for things that everyone around you told you made sense?

Waking up as a 50-something woman and realizing that you'd bought the lie that you can't accomplish the things you always believed you were put on the earth to do will make you do one of three things: 1) jump off a bridge, 2) get really angry and have a mini-nervous breakdown, or 3) take a good, long, deep look at your life--what you believe, the lies you've been told, the staid convictions you've been convinced were heretofore immovably set in stone and then wake up one day and just flippin' change your mind.

This is possible, people. It does not come without a cost, however. I will put forth the disclaimer that no animals were harmed in the above mentioned paradigm shift, but my own heart broke a few times. Thankfully, the heart can be quickly repaired when one is determined enough to survive.

If you're curious, hang in here with me. Subscribe to my blog and I promise to always be brutally honest with you about the harrowing pitfalls of my journey to self-truth. Hopefully you'll be mildly entertained along the way with great recipes (I'm a beast in the kitchen), great music (I've been a musician for 45 years and raised three more), and insights into my crazy, dysFUNctional, beautiful life.



photo credit: Lisa Brady, 2014

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